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90 years old Eng


Will we be soon?

90 years old – without

Gray hair and wrinkles

They take daily
a pill, your skin will be tender and smooth
You feel like newborn.A new one
Preparation makes it possible ........

HERBAL-MAR build-up and vital Drag. with ginseng, selenium, biotin,
gingo, magnesium, Zinc, coenzyme Q 10 and multivitamins.

When a woman retains or improves her youthful appearance, her entire life becomes
more positive-private and at work. The good news: No woman needs to have ugly
wrinkles, even when she's not quite young anymore! When she fights the causes that dry
her skin and make the connective tissue lose its elasticity.

Above all, the so-called free radicals (cause arteriosclerosis, rheumatism, Alzheimer's
and cancer) count here among the offenders, caused by the influence
of the UV light of the sun, by environmental toxins and pollution.

And - last but not least - the metabolism.With care from the outside, the problem
can not be solved in the long run. Because beauty is well known from the inside.
A new dietary supplement brings welcome help.

HERBAL-MAR build-up and vital drag. - by detoxifying the body through the
selenium it contains, stimulating the immune system and thus making a
significant contribution to the prevention and treatment of cancer.
But also certain amino acids (proteins) as in ginseng, which in Combination with
vitamin B 6 produces collagen and elastin in the body, and biotin,
which tightens the tissue.

With regular intake the success is already visible within a short time: The complexion
becomes smoother and more youthful and one feels fit and efficient.

The human dream of the elixir of eternal youth is thus approaching. A Frankfurt
research team has over 30 years of work the HERBAL-MAR build and Vital Drag.
which acts as an "age brake" and thus can counteract premature
aging and its consequences.

Despite advancing years, people want to be able to maintain a good quality of life
into old age, which also enables them to take care of themselves until the end
and not depend on the help of other people. Protectors and
receive our "dearest good" - our health.

1 Dragee HERBAL-MAR Build and Vital Drag. by the day is enough to
make us more beautiful, healthier and happier.

Therefore, order immediately and start immediately with a
HERBAL-MAR build-up cure. 30 Dragee only

EURO 22.50

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