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Build up and Vitaldrag. Eng


Product Information

Herbal Mar build up and vital dragee
30 coated tablets only EURO 22,50


  • as radical scavenger

  • for fast energy production

  • for the protection of the nervous system

  • for the discharge of heavy metals

  • for the prophylaxis and treatment of diabetes

Recommended dosage:

Prevention: 1 dragee per day, children every 2 days 1 dragee.
Therapeutic dosage: 2 dragees per day.

What is Herbal Mar Build up and Vital Dragee?

Herbal Mar Build up and Vital Dragee is currently the best composition, vitalizing
and cell regeneration product in the world. In its unique and patented composition:
ginseng, vitamins, calcium, folic acid, biotin, selenium, gingko, magnesium, potassium,
zinc,L-glutathione, chromium, manganese and coenzyme Q 10.

Herbal Mar Build up and Vital Dragee penetrate into every cell of the human body.
More specifically, Herbal Mar Composition Dragee is located in the mitochondria of
each cell, the small power plants where sugar is burned and converted into
the energy needed by the human body.

Herbal Mar Build up Dragee is therefore indispensable for cellular energy
production. Carbohydrates are the most important fuel for the body. They are found
in food and are broken down in the gastrointestinal tract into simple sugars and
then taken into the bloodstream.

Once the simple sugars have reached the body cells, they become pyruvic acid
molecules (pyruvate This pyruvate is actively transported to the mitochondria, the
small power plants in the cells. From this reservoir, the body can release and
use the energy as needed.

Antioxidant with a broad spectrum of activity

Herbal-Mar build up and Vital Dragee is known as a highly effective antioxidant, as a
substance that eliminates free radicals. In fact, Herbal Mar build up Dragee is a particularly
high-quality antioxidant with a broad spectrum of action. This is related,
among other things, to the following properties:

Herbal Mar build up Dragee easily passes the blood-brain barrier;

Herbal Mar build up Dragee is soluble in water and fat;

Herbal Mar build up Dragee protect both the intracellular and extracellular
environment from free radical damage;

Herbal Mar build up Dragee renew and extend the Life of Vitamin C, Vitamin E,
Glutathione and Coencym Q 10;
Herbal Mar build up Dragee thus provide an important contribution to increasing
the body's defense system.

Herbal Mar build up Dragee are gluten and lactose free

Protection of the nervous system

Herbal Mar build up Dragee
easily pass the blood-brain barrier, thus protecting
against degenerative diseases of the nervous system.Nervous tissue has a very high
content of polyunsaturated fatty acids.The energy and oxygen consumption is
especially high in the brain.As by-products are many free radicals which can lead to
oxidative damage to the brain tissue. The result is diseases such as Parkinson's,
Alzheimer's dementia and strokes.
Herbal Mar build up Dragee also works against heavy metal poisoning such as by
cadmium, mercury or copper.

Protection against diabetes

Herbal Mar build up Dragees play an essential preventive and therapeutic role in the
treatment of type 1 and type 2 diabetes. The beneficial effects of
Herbal Mar's build-up Dragee in diabetes can be explained by:

  • the lowering of blood sugar level

  • the protection of the nerve tissue from free radicals

Blood sugar levels

Herbal Mar's build up Dragee is involved in cellular energy production and
promotes the conversion of sugar into energy. Both in animals and in humans, the
beneficial effect of Herbal Mar's build up Dragee on blood sugar levels has been
demonstrated. It is believed that Herbal Mar's build up Dragee promotes the uptake of
glucose into the muscle tissue.In addition, Herbal Mar build up Dragee seems to increase
the sensitivity of glucose to insulin. This also increases the body's ability to regulate
blood sugar levels independently.


An estimated 70% of all diabetics suffer from damage to the peripheral nervous system.
This is the part of the nervous system that transmits the stimuli to the central nervous
system (brain and spinal cord) and the body's muscles, glands, and sensory organs.
Damage is caused by oxidative stress. As a result, discomfort often manifested by
sensory disturbances in the limbs, pain, motor problems and failure symptoms. One then
speaks of polyneuropathy. Also the nerve leads to the vital organs such as the heart, liver
and kidneys may be damaged.

Herbal Mar build up dragees are officially used in Germany for diabetic neuropathy.
The effect has been proven by various studies.


An epidemic that occurs in diabetes is the cataract.The elevated blood sugar level in
diabetes inhibits the absorption of vitamin C by the body cells.This creates an increased
risk of oxidative damage.In the lens of the eye, this damage is among other things by the
cataract noticeable.

Herbal Mar build up and Vital Dragee offers protection against cataracts due
to its strong antioxidant properties and its ability to regenerate vitamin C.


The studies of Herbal Mar build up and Vital Dragee showed no negative side
effects. Even at a dosage of 10 dragees daily, no significant side effects occurred.
Herbal Mar build up - and Vital Dragee is thus a safe dietary supplement.


To improve the general condition, to increase performance, to increase
concentration and memory, increase resistance, as well as the cardiovascular
function, to increase defense against infections of all kinds, improving sleep, improving
eyesight, for more beautiful skin, firmer fingernails and hair loss if the roots of the
hair have not died, to prevent premature aging, with general diminished
performance, during pregnancy, lactation and convalescence, vitamin deficiency, for
example as a result of: infectious diseases, one-sided nutrition such as diet and weight
loss diets. spring fatigue, atherosclerosis (calcification), low vision (e.g., television,
driving, etc.), vitamin deficiency due to heavy smoking and alcohol consumption,
migraine, chronic stool obstruction, climacteric symptoms (flushing),
gastric and duodenal ulcer, Prevention of gallbladder and kidney stone formation,
prevention of neurological disorders such as: Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's
disease, Crohn's disease, multiple sclerosis. Depression, psycho-physical stress,
inner ear damage, hypertension, cramps of all kinds (e.g., calf cramps), osteoporosis.

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