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Dear customer, dear customer of our house.

HERBAL-MAR-LAX              30 tablets only EURO 11,50

To supplement with:

Stool constipation of any kind and thereby caused complaints such as:
indigestion with sour stomach (subacidity), heartburn, irritable stomach,
subazide  Gastritis, Indigestion with loss of appetite, regurgitation,
nausea (dyspetische complaints), flatulence (heart complaints,
see Roemheld Syndrome), feeling of fullness, hemorrhoids, constipation,
non-morbid obesity, all skin diseases such as (acne vulg., Psoriasis vulg., Etc.),
for the supportive treatment of digestive insufficiency due to biliary
and functional liver disease (alcohol, stress, medication, Environmental toxins
and unhealthy diet).
Hypercholesterolemia (fat level increase in the blood).
Diabetes. Cellulitis (orange peel). Uric acid diathesis (rheumatism and gout).
Allergies of all kinds.


HERBAL-MAR-LAX is not a chemical laxative, as most funds on the German
and foreign market, but a purely herbal digestive preparation with
acting over the bile chair regulation. It does not work, like all laxatives,
whether chemical or herbal (senna leaves), which destroy the intestine
and thereby turn to vitamin, potassium. Magnesium and water loss
(drying of the skin and mucous membranes), leading to kidney damage and colon cancer. HERBAL-MAR-LAX, unlike laxatives, builds up the intestines through its
unique composition of herbal ingredients. Ingestion of  HERBAL-MAR-LAX
does not cause damage to the intestine and intestinal flora, vitamin,
mineral and water loss of the body. HERBAL-MAR-LAX also does not cause
kidney damage and prevents colorectal cancer from being produced by
its anti-inflammatory plant contents such as chamomilla and colonic mucosa,
such as foenugraeci, linseed and rhizome graminis. Due to its anti-inflammatory
and mucolytic constituents, unfortunately, more tablets must be taken at the
beginning, until the bowels are daily (often 5-10-20 Tabl.)

After improvement of the intestine (obstruction) and intestinal movement
(muscle activity), the dose can be reduced , With pure laxatives, it is
just the opposite, here the dose must be increased from month to month
and year to year, because the intestines break down and the
intestinal muscles hardened with all its bad consequences.
That's why you do not save on your health. Chemical and herbal laxatives
are of course cheaper to manufacture, but very dangerous to your health.

So choose the best remedy available, HERBAL-MAR-LAX. Start now and order immediately. If you need more, we have introduced a quantity discount system for you and
10% discount from 10 packs upwards.

HERBAL-MAR-LAX helps to normalize the liver values and is a proven dietary
supplement, which stimulates its production in numerous disorders in the
digestive system, both directly on the mucous membrane as well as nervous
control mechanisms, the ferment production.
The muscles and the mucous membrane of the stomach are stimulated,
the secretion of digestive juices and enzymes is increased, inflammation
and irritation are eliminated and the natural protective functions of the tissue
are restored. Through an improved blood circulation of the digestive organs,
especially the gastrointestinal mucosa and by improving the muscle tension u.a.
This diet supplement compensates for a disturbed absorption capacity for
pent-up gases and reduces the tendency to convulsive phenomena.
Discomfort and pain occurring in these contexts can thus be alleviated
or eliminated reliably.

No less important is the beneficial effect of this supplement on the bile secretion
of the liver and the anticonvulsant effect on the gall bladder and bile ducts, as most
obstructions are due to a lack of gallbladder emptying.

As a bittering preparation, it has a powerful and invigorating effect not only on
the gastrointestinal tract, but also on the overall physical and mental condition.

By improving the performance of bile and liver, the central controlling organ of
the metabolism, there is an improvement in metabolic performance and
by stimulating the body's immune system to accelerate the detoxification and
cleansing of the intestine. Misbehavior in the diet is the basis for the development
of malignant tumors in the poisoned body.

You see, HERBAL-MAR-LAX is not just a bowel movement
regulating means, but also builds up the intestine.

An old saying goes: If the intestine is healthy, the person is healthy.


regulating the bowel movement through Cortex Frangulae, Aloe. Semen Foenugraeci

linseed stimulating the digestion by dandelion root, basil herb, wormwood herb,
centaury and gentian root,

blowing dandelion root, centaury, elderberry, basil and rosehip peel

anti-inflammatory and soothing with chamomile, blackthorn, linseed and Semen Foenugraeci.

antispasmodic through chamomile, dandelion root, centaury, wormwood.
Flaxseed, Semen Foenugraeci and Bitter Clover

uric acid secreting by dandelion root, barberry root, elderberry and rosehip

lipid level lowering Semen Foenugraeci, lion's tooth root, flaxseed and centaury,

sugar lowering and normalizing  by elderberries, rosehip peel, dandelion root,
centaury, semen foenugraeci and linseed.

We therefore recommend you to consume HERBAL-MAR-LAX daily as needed.

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