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Alcohol and fat put a strain on the liver


To supplement with:

Indigestion with acidified stomach (subacidity), heartburn, irritable stomach, subacid gastritis, indigestion with loss of appetite, belching, nausea (dyspeptic symptoms), flatulence (heart complaints, see Roemheld Syndrome), feeling of fullness,Hemorrhoids, constipation, non-morbid obesity, all skin conditions such as (acne vulg.Psoriasis vulg., Etc.), for the treatment of digestive insufficiency due to bile and functional liver disease (by alcohol, stress, drugs, environmental toxins and unhealthy diet hypercholesterolemia (lipid elevation in blood), diabetes, cellulitis (orange peel),Uric acid diathesis (rheumatism and gout), allergies of all kinds.

Down with the liver values!

The red wine to eat. The short in the pub. roast meat and pommes. Also small amounts of alcohol and fat burden the liver. And at the doctor's liver values are too high.

There are for all gourmets


supports the metabolism of the liver. Good for your liver and good for you.

The poor liver: Just two glasses of wine or three beers a day will be too much in the long run. Metabolic toxins accumulate in the blood. You feel tired and tired.
Misbehavior in the diet is the basis for the development of malignant tumors in the poisoned body.
Make your liver strong now!

Every HERBAL-MAR-MALEGA tabl contains the power of many medicinal herbs.
HERBAL-MAR-MALEGA gives the liver new strength to recover, stimulates liver metabolism and protects the detoxification organ from metabolic toxins.

Digestive secretion stimulating by dandelion root, basil herb, wormwood, centaury and gentian root
drooping through dandelion root, centaury, elderberries, basil leaves and osehip peels

anti-inflammatory and soothing with camomile, blackthorn and fenugreek seeds

Antispasmodic through chamomile, dandelion root, centaury, wormwood and bitter clover leaves

Dehydrated by dandelion root, barberry root, elderberries and rosehip peels

Lipid level lowering by fenugreek seeds, dandelion root and centaury herb.

Sugar lowering and normalizing by elderberries, rose hip peels, dandelion root, centaury and fenugreek seeds.

HERBAL-MAR-MALEGA cleans gently and sustainably with "metabolic waste" that unnecessarily pollutes. It stimulates the fluid metabolism, stimulates the kidneys and thus promotes the elimination of slag. HERBAL-MAR-MALEGA makes lean in a natural way.

Get started with a cure and order now.Your liver will thank you.We recommend 2-3 tablets daily. Take HERBAL-MAR-MALEGA preventively to keep yourself, your beauty and your digestive tract healthy.Not you know: Prevention is better than cure. Do not wait until it's too late.

Since the health insurance no longer pay, each person must take his health and health in the hand itself. Do not wait until you are ill. Get started with a HERBAL-MAR-MALEGA cure.

All diseases of humans have their origin in the digestive tract, therefore, this must be cherished and spoiled by

If you have any questions, we are at your disposal.
Order now our free brochure and inform yourself, what is there to preserve and prevent your health.

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