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Health - sun of life

Get your health. Use the most valuable thing nature gives us. - Unadulterated power
of the highest purity. Our special supplements give you valuable
bodybuilding substances, which maintain your health, resp. More personal
responsibility to maintain health and performance is today "vital". Ours

HERBAL - MAR Construction Drag. with GINSENG, selenium, biotin,
multivitamins and minerals

30 Dragee EURO 22,50

is such an energy and performance activator in physical and mental stress situations,
such as stress, pressure, overloads, disturbed general condition
(including in the sexual area), with nutritional errors, menopause,
diseases and Age complaints.Wishes shortened regeneration times ( in performance
sports , in rehabilitation) and accelerated recovery in case of illness. Here helps our
Herbal Mar Construction Drag. with GINSENG, selenium, biotin,
multivitamins and minerals.

HERBAL- MAR Buildup and Vital Drag. with GINSENG,
selenium, biotin, calcium, folic acid, Rutin, L-glutathione, gingko, magnesium,
potassium, zinc, chromium, manganese, coenzyme Q 10, and Multivitamins
such as: Vit.A, Vit, B1, Vit.B2, Vit, B6, Vit.C, Vit, D3, Vit.E, Vit. B 12.,
Iron (II) fumarate, Iron (II) Ion, Lutein , lycopene.

Herbal Mar Composition Dragee are
gluten and lactose free.


To improve the general condition, to increase performance, to increase concentration
and memory, increase resistance, as well as the cardiovascular function, improve sleep,
improve eyesight, for more beautiful skin, firmer fingernails and hair loss,
provided that the hair roots are not dead , for prevention of premature aging, with
general diminished performance, during pregnancy, lactation and convalescence,
vitamin deficiency eg as a result of: infectious disease, one-sided diet such as diet
and weight loss, prevention of bird flu and swine flu and all forms of influenza.

Spring fatigue, arteriosclerosis, poor eyesight (for example,
watching television, driving, etc.) Vitamin deficiency due to
heavy smoking, migraine, chronic stool obstruction, menopausal
symptoms (flushing), peptic ulcer, prevention of stone formation
in bile and kidney, leg ulcer.

HERBAL - MAR - MALEGA: 60 tablets EURO 26,50


Traditionally used in: Indigestion with acidified stomach (subacidity), heartburn,
irritable stomach, subacid gastritis, dyspepsia, regurgitation, dyspeptic symptoms,
constipation, to help with flatulence (heart complaints so-called Roemheld syndrome),
bloating, hemorrhoids , non-morbid obesity, skin diseases (such as acne vulgaris,
psoriasis, etc.) to aid in digestive insufficiency due to biliary and functional liver
disease, increased blood fat, diabetes (diabetes), uric acid diathesis
(rheumatism and gout), allergies of all kinds.

HERBAL MAR- LAX:      30 tablets EURO 11.50


Traditionally used in constipation of any kind, constipation, to help with flatulence,
bloating, heartburn, hemorrhoids, non-morbid obesity, skin diseases of
all kinds (such as acne vulg., Psoriasis vulg.), Indigestion due to bile and
Functional liver diseases (by alcohol, stress, medicines, environmental toxins
and unhealthy nutrition), increase in fat levels in the blood, diabetes,
uric acid diathesis (rheumatism and gout), allergies of all kinds.

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